West Atlantic Recruitment Policy

The following policy regarding the handling of recruitment for West Atlantic has been adopted by the management on 19th of October 2015.


West Atlantic aims to recruit the best possible candidates for posts by following this recruitment policy, we ensure that our practices reflect good practice and are free from bias and discrimination.

Carefully prepared recruitment is an important part of West Atlantic's long-term business development. Each recruitment shall be preceded by an analysis of the skills requirements in both the short-term and long-term, bearing in mind future developments within the company's business operations.


This policy is to be seen as support and guidance, as well as a way to ensure good quality and the best possible outcome from the recruitment is achieved at West Atlantic. Using the values and objectives that are expressed in the Policy we will increase our opportunities to:
  • Find the most qualified and motivated coworkers
  • To carry out all our recruitment-processes in a professional way
  • Diversity and tolerance

Responding to applicants

Professional management of the recruitment process creates good preconditions for new employees, as well as giving a good impression of the company to those who are recruited. All applicants will be treated with respect and professionalism. Every applicant will go through the same recruitment process regardless of whether the applicant is an external or internal candidate. Applicants who are not successful in completing the recruitment process will however perceive the company positively and may well apply to the company on another occasion, or be one of the company's future customers or partners.

Internal recruitment

In West Atlantic we welcome coworkers who want to grow within the company and take on new challenges and roles inside the company. West Atlantic will when it is possible recruit internally and recruit externally only when resources and/or skills requirements cannot be satisfied from within. The company will when it is possible place vacancies so that they will be made available for all coworkers on our Intranet. However, internal candidates will not benefit only by being internal, every recruitment process is based on qualifications, skills and suitability.

Basic values

Multiplicity shall be a natural part of our operations and imply that everyone has the same rights, opportunities and obligations within all areas irrespective of gender, age, ethnical or cultural background, disabilities or sexual orientation. Everyone shall consequently be
treated in the same way for both internal and external recruitment. All candidate assessments shall only be made based on objective reasons relating to qualifications, skills and suitability. Female and male candidates have the same prerequisites for the various operational tasks to be found within the company. When recruiting, the company shall endeavor to obtain a good balance of genders.

Guiding principles

Every new recruitment shall be agreed by the company's Group HR Manager, before the process is initiated. The recruitment of new members of the management group shall be agreed by the company's board of directors. Each manager and local HR function is together responsible for the recruitment process, interviews, selection, employment, as well as the introduction of new employees into West Atlantic. This policy relates to all stages of recruitment - from identifying the need for a post to taking
up references of the successful candidate.

The West Atlantic Trademark

All advertising and recruitment material shall be designed based on the guidelines of the
company's graphic profile.

The recruitment process

West Atlantic work by a qualitative and professional recruitment process. The recruitment
process should always include the following steps (unless there are special reasons):
Identifying the need, job description and personal profile, advertising, selection, interview,
references and employment decision followed by a job offer.

In some recruitment processes tailor-made assessments will be included.


The recruiting Manager is responsible for every new co-worker to receive a sufficient and
effective introduction to the company and to the tasks. This will enable the new co-worker
to quickly acclimatize into the company and their duties.